Described as International Airport Review’s best event yet, 2016 saw Airport Security co-locating with the ever successful Airport IT event at Heathrow, London, to create one fantastic exhibition space for security and IT professionals from airports and airlines to meet from around the world.

For the next edition, Airport Security 2017 is visiting Vienna, Austria.


The global airport security market is predicted to more than double expenditure to around $45 billion by 2018 and investments in security and surveillance, access control, perimeter security, integration, cyber security and screening are top of the agenda for Heads of Security.


With heightened security checks across the globe, International Airport Review’s Airport Security conference will again bring together Security Directors, Head of Operations and Security, Lead Security Officers, Security Managers and Security Analysts to share and discuss the impact of changing security regulations as well as showcasing how they are implementing leaner, state of the art systems to increase security as well as enhancing passenger experience.


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